Lesbian Love

©CharmainCarrol_2014edited couples_1

©CharmainCarrol_2014edited couples (1)

©CharmainCarrol_2014edited couples


AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp2©CharmainCarrol_2014edited couples

AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp3©CharmainCarrol_2014edited couples

AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp4©CharmainCarrol_2014edited couples

AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp5©CharmainCarrol_2014edited couples

AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp6©CharmainCarrol_2014edited couples

AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp7©CharmainCarrol_2014edited couples

AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp8©CharmainCarrol_2014edited couples


After attending and documenting the Funeral of  Gift Desebo Makau, who was murdered in Ventersdorp,  I was  reminded of LOVE.

That as lesbians we are African and we Exist.

These are some of the images  I took of couples  at Zoo Lake on the 3rd of May 2014





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