My PERFECT imperfects..

My Name is Smangele Hegeni a Beautiful Xhosa Women if I say so myself

But almost everyone calls me Spunky, I just turned 23 this year.

I have a very Bubbly personality.


I am a size 32 waist and a 42 DD comfortable and confident with my Big melons, sometimes people stair when I walk in a room. I love them to bits and would not change them for anything in the world, I kind of  like the attention they bring.

It was not always easy though, when i was thirteen I wore hand me downs that didn’t give the appropriate support, so that was really uncomfortable.

I got to understand them and knew how to dress them, as young girls it take a while for you to understand bra size, what is sexy and what is comfortable.

Right now I am confident and enjoy them, I have grown to accept and love them as they part of my being, a part of who I am.

To all the young girls with Big Melons like me, Love Them.

I agreed to do the shoot with Charmain Carrol so that kids don’t go through what I did when I was younger, and that they appreciate their bodies and assets as they are a GIFT from God.

so the shoot went like this………





  IMG_9564  IMG_9594


Thank You Charmza for capturing these beautiful moments.


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