My Gratitude

I started a journey of self discovery and self love

My body has always been an issue for me, I remember when the Fat -Attack was first introduced, on my lunch break I went to buy a pack this was in 2004. I came back with my package all excited and my manger, who was a white male took and washed it down the sink and gave me a lecture of my life.I still did not understand why would he throw the only thing that could make me look good, make me acceptable in society. I was a size 40 then and I have been fluctuating from size 40 to 44, but since 2012 I have managed to stay at a size 40.

Thank You.

A month ago my manager got us to go on a Healthy Living Lifestyle, who is a black female.

Which was not necessarily a diet but watching what we put in our mouth.  To encourage a healthy living lifestyle amongst ourselves to encourage us to take walks and exercise not for weight loss but to be healthy.  We all got motivated, started a whatsaap group where we would shared images of  our meals and show off our curves. We had a  group leader, who sent us our weekly eating plan, who bought our breakfast and lunch, who motivated us every day.

Thank you.

I met Semole Mooka while I was doing a job for one of my clients, after the interview I had a chat with Semole who is a fashion designer for plus size women about my project Chubby Vogue Divas, who was delighted to come on board.Thank you Semole for dressing my Divas. Your Support has been amazing. Your garments do justice to the Full Figured Divas.


Thank you.

My Team

Akhona Hailele – Lights

Nqobile Zungu – Lights

Smangele Hegeni – Organiser

Lebo Mtshiswa – Wardrobe and Make up

Zandile Makhubo – Coordinator and Make up

Lynne Carrol – assistant

Thank you for a wonderful 5 days of hard work full of laughter and love.

I know I can be hectic at times but you guys support me throughout.

Chubby Vogue Divas would not be without your ongoing support.

Thank you

My Divas

I’m speechless for the support from the models who came through and gave it their best in the beautiful clothes.  The confidence you posses is amazing.The four days were full of fun and laughter.

You all rocked the shoot.

Thank you

Behind the Scenes

IMG_7679     IMG_6433  IMG_7174 IMG_6865  IMG_0664  IMG_8664

IMG_7321 IMG_6617

IMG_0677  IMG_0679

IMG_7466  IMG_9221_1

IMG_0666     IMG_0719 IMG_0863  IMG_1027 IMG_1034

IMG_9846  _MG_0088  IMG_9853_1    _MG_0349  IMG_0775 _MG_0363  _MG_0411  _MG_0367 _MG_0382 _MG_0384    _MG_0424 _MG_0073 IMG_7879 IMG_8034 IMG_8063   IMG_8388 IMG_8424 IMG_8616  IMG_8717  IMG_8855   IMG_9014  IMG_8898  _MG_0071 IMG_6423

IMG_9119  _MG_0513  IMG_8684

IMG_9229  IMG_9235

IMG_9132 _MG_0034 _MG_0437_MG_0052 _MG_0054

_MG_0155   _MG_0219   _MG_0166  _MG_0234  IMG_0672


 IMG_4039  _MG_9613

_MG_9627     IMG_4033  IMG_6284  IMG_7263   IMG_6399      IMG_7598  IMG_6436   IMG_7249

The Shoot took place  at Club Inc in Braamfontein.

We started shooting on:

Friday  8am to 7pm  right up-to Monday 8am to 7pm.

camera used: Canon 60D


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