Chubby Vogue Diva #6

I am  a Sotho Woman


Known as Moratuoa ngwanana wa ha Lekhoaba, A clan where ladies are full-figured, voluptuous, strong and gorgeous. I am fortunate to be a size 40. I love being bold and beautiful. Contrary to the everyday stories about curvy creatures like me, I took charge of how I look, I never let anybody bring me down because of my fully-fledged features, I rather made the next person feel hungry. from those moments on, I decided I am going to be a sister that lifts the African figure up, help those who don’t see how amazing they really are see how great it is. Without much talking, I will take my calculated strides and YOU WILL KNOW I HAVE ARRIVED. I will move my body in such a way that it will seem as if a symphony will be behind every move.. I will speak with a strong voice and laugh boldly to my body’s capacity. It was when my confidence was high, when my speech, gestures and laughter spoke to my embrace that Charmain Carrol had spotted that difference and proposed a photoshoot. This was an opportunity to express myself visually. I agreed. I loved it. My body spoke to me, she was happy to twist and turn in angles that I had never known existed, she was more than flattered, only the camera understood her language.

IMG_8758     IMG_9174  IMG_8759 Here’s to the sisters with curves- ubuhle bakho  budeep.

Love your big.

Show your beautiful

IMG_8681 IMG_8800 IMG_8686 IMG_8694 IMG_8723 IMG_8767  IMG_8781  IMG_8804 IMG_9215  IMG_9137  IMG_9148 IMG_9153 IMG_9156 IMG_9158 IMG_9200 IMG_9162 IMG_9205 IMG_9530 IMG_9546 IMG_9547

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Contact:  Nana Myeza


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