All White Boat Cruise with TLC

It is one month later since the Boat cruise and it is time we reflect on the 16th of December 2014. This is how it unfolded in the Gauteng Province.
Who is TLC ?
TLC an acronym for The Ladies Corner is a group formed to address challenges that women in general encounters on daily basis. TLC was formed in October 2014 and todate it has over 600 members from all over the world.  It is not a group of a certain group or individuals but it consists of women from all walks of life whether hetero, homo, curios or bisexual. Forming this group was to allow women to interact and be in a space without feeling awkward and discriminated against, hence we called ourselves Ladies. Another important thing worth mentioning is , we have in our midst members from countries where homosexuality receive severe punishment and that is why the group is neutral so as not to impose dangers on its members. We also have mother’s who have lesbian daughters, sisters who have homosexual siblings and daughters who have homosexual parents in our midst.
TLC is a place to unwind after a long day, to share ideas, to deliberate on issues affecting women , to empower each other, to educate women , to network, to engage on issues that we encounter on daily basis to e-connect women world-wide and to do travelling with other ladies world-wide irrespective of nationality, religious affiliation, culture and creed.
TLC in order to make itself known has launched already in 4 provinces in  South Africa and Nigeria.
16 December 2014  Gauteng Province
20 December 2014  Western Cape Province
27 December 2014  KwaZulu Natal Province
28 December 2014  Calabar Province, Nigeria
03 January 2015     Eastern Cape Province
We are yet to launch in other countries as well.
. To bring women/ ladies together.
. To help identify problems/ needs and implement strategies to solve these needs.
. To help women in discovering talents that they have and tapping/ developing these talents.
. To promote knowledge , skills, confidence and the capacity to act together.
. To strengthen organisation and leadership between women.
. To encourage networking between women from all walks of life.
. To share ideas and emulate programmes that women have already tackled and have been successful in other countries.
. To build women that are self-reliant, accountable and independent in our societies.
.  To create a platform for dialogue with public bodies and community organisations.
.  To form effective consultations,  event planning, travel excursions and tours.
.  To ensure that there is a better partnership working with accredited/ established institutions and organisations.
.  To be a voice of women from all over the world.
. Taking action in order to address issues affecting women, inequalities and discrimination.
. To promote literacy and scout for funds in order to help/ support in training and developmental programmes.
. To be the voice of the voiceless and form solidarity and support with those that are marginalised and discriminated against.
. To promote women involvement and participation in ensuring that women are included in community decisions.
. To encourage / pioneer group travel , tours or excursions.
By: Weziwe Mahilihili
 IMG_2870  Charmain Carrol Photography  IMG_2857  IMG_2862  IMG_2889
 IMG_2909  IMG_2920 IMG_2927 IMG_2931 IMG_2899
IMG_2968 IMG_4835 IMG_2987 IMG_4841 IMG_2996
 IMG_4836 IMG_3001   IMG_3021   IMG_2917 IMG_2948
IMG_3083  IMG_3085  IMG_4856  IMG_4879
IMG_4915 IMG_4852 IMG_4906
IMG_3029    IMG_3053
  IMG_3114 IMG_3116
IMG_3120 IMG_3121 IMG_3118
Images by:
Charmain Carrol Photography

2 thoughts on “All White Boat Cruise with TLC

  1. Glad I was invited on the event, had lots of fun.
    Please keep us updated on upcoming events.
    Wathinta abafazi Wathinta imbokodwe…

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