Chubby Vogue Diva #7


Sweetness ‘Zama’ Nonhlanhla Buthelezi is my name. I Am a fabulous 32 year old! I am Born and bred in Dobsonville Soweto but currently reside in Florida North. My weight does not define who I am. I am a lover of life and all things nice, I embrace life, my weight is just that weight ☺. No, I have not always been big, I only started putting on weight when I was pregnant with my son. Post pregnancy, I worked hard to lose weight,  and I did. I then tried to keep my weight between 34 to 36 and then I had my daughter and I should I say the struggle continues☺. The fact of the matter is I have accepted that MY body has changed but that does not mean I have to be sloppy!

I take my health quite serious, I try eat balanced meals and exercise when I get time. Last year I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and it really awakened me to live a conscious life, you only have one body take care of it. I have made a commitment to take care of myself mind, body and spirit. I now realise that that Health is Wealth and I Treasure every moment! I love my body shape and I know that feeling good= looking good!

No  I have never been teased about my weight, but I find that some people can be rude especially people I have not seen in years. The silly weight comments always get to me. I may be a little chubby now but that does not give you the right to comment about my body size. I have no idea why I agreed to do the photoshoot! Got to the studio and got too excited! The set up was great, I loved all the different backgrounds!

I struggled with being in front of the camera, I became so self-conscious that it became intimidating! After a couple of wardrobe changes I started relaxing and enjoying myself. All in all I enjoyed the experience! The photographer is a Chubby Vogue Diva herself so she makes you feel at ease.

My advice to other Divas like me is: Looking good is not about a dress size. It’s about taking care of yourself, taking care of your body and mind. It’s also important to dress in a way that flatters your shape! Having said that am not saying chubby girls should be oversized clothes but wear what feels comfortable. Don’t follow fashion trends dress for your body type!

IMG_0697 IMG_0706 IMG_0708 IMG_0737 IMG_0738 IMG_0739 IMG_0842  IMG_0857 IMG_0848 IMG_1087    IMG_1235    IMG_1120 IMG_1090 IMG_1108 IMG_1111 IMG_1160    IMG_1119   IMG_1203 IMG_1164  IMG_1227  IMG_1167    


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