Chubby Vogue Diva #8


 My Name is Kamohelo Xaba

I’m a 22 year old that struggled with weight all my life.

With people always teasing me that always brought me down and made me feel bad about myself and my appearance. Having to buy in a different section at  clothing stores while my peers were still buying at the kids section didn’t help much either but as I’ve grown I’ve learnt to love my body.

I work with what I’ve got thanks to plus size models and plus size bloggers like Charmain Carrol and  Gabi Fresh reading those blogs and seeing those plus size girls rock all kinds of clothes with so much confidence made me think to myself if they can do it so can I.

Now I find myself  wearing crop tops and walking with so much confidence.

My aunt played a huge role in boosting my confidence not a single day goes by without her telling me how beautiful I am, Ive  heard it so much that I eventually started believing it.

I agreed to do the photo shoot because I want to show other big girls out there that it’s ok to be big bold and beautiful and be proud of your curves  ladies.

People will always talk and say hurtful things but if you have confidence all those words will mean nothing.  I want to say to other chubby divas that it’s ok to wake up in the morning and think you’re the most beautiful person out there never let people bring you down if someone has a problem with your weight it has nothing to do with you just do you. 

IMG_0199 IMG_0208  IMG_0252    IMG_0390   IMG_0399    IMG_0471

IMG_0520    IMG_0572    IMG_0555

IMG_0400  IMG_0419 IMG_0426

IMG_0459    IMG_0563   IMG_0258

Doing the shoot was really fun!

Walking in I was really nervous as I have never done a fashion shoot Before. The make- up the wardrobe everything made me feel really girly and sexy and it meant a lot to have been asked to do the shoot.


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