Chubby Vogue Diva #9


My name is Unathi Zindela I am 23 of age, I am a full figured woman who wears a size 40

Who is very proud of her self.

Being born plus size is a challenge because you are not born confidante it comes with growing up.  The people around you,  the influence they feed you trust me when I tell you that there are times in life where you ask yourself why me why am I born this way what did I do to deserve being chubby.

I mean you get to stores they don’t have your size you need a special store to go get what you can fit in. It hurts big time.

Growing up in a family that has love taught me to love and accept myself and body just the way it is, people will always talk whether you are slim or plus size makes no difference. That is how I learnt how to love myself, walk proud In front of hundreds of people, what they say don’t brake me but build me in every aspect.

So lady’s love yourself regardless of how you look plus size or slim.

I agreed to do this photo shoot to show all beautiful chubby woman out there that we are who we are, we can do all things out there in our own way  and we can rock them stilettos.

Tight full figured dresses and look as gorgeous as queens that we are, so lady’s please love, appreciate, cherish and take very good care of those sexy beautiful body’s of yours. Be chubby and proud let them feel your presence,your walk ,lady’s I mean your talk.

That is all from ME.

IMG_0316    IMG_0358   IMG_0323  IMG_9607_1 IMG_9624  IMG_9641

IMG_9766    IMG_9819    IMG_9808_1

IMG_0325 IMG_9613_1 IMG_9823


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