Chubby Vogue Divas #11


I’m a 23 year old Diva by the name of Mpho Tshikalange from Shayandima  a small town in Thohoyandou in Venda.

I believe a Diva is a lady who completes, accepts herself for who she really is instead of what she is told to be. Being a chubby diva is an experience of a lifetime.

From a young age I’ve always been big , amongst my peers it was a tough experience. I used to be teased a lot and being called names that were insulting. as a result at time  I would try out some some exercises that would make me loose weight fast, so that I could fit in amongst my peers.

I never rejected anything about my chubbiness ,  I had accepted  the fact that I am big & beautiful,  there wouldn’t be anything no one can do about my chubbiness as from my self confidence. People started to accept  me for who I am instead of what I looked like.

Being a diva takes hard work, to implement yourself, knowing your personality and  to accepting yourself.

My parents always told me “you beautiful and you should work hard to reach your goals, it’s not always going to be about your weight, it has to be  about accepting yourself and have a major self-confidence about your chubbiness”.

Being big basically runs in the ‘family my nanas’ most of them are big boned African women, why shouldn’t I encourage Full Figured Women.

I agreed to be part of the Chubby Vogue Divas because I want  to influence  all other Divas out there, that you must love yourself and embrace your Diverseness as you are.

Charmain the photographer and her team gave me a chance to be a High Profile Model. I was nervous at first, didn’t know if i was posing the right way, but the clothes looked really great.

I felt like a  Star

I eventually warmed up to being photographed.

Eating and exercising well’ keeps your body healthy and going, but what is a beauty from the physical appearance only, women should learn to accept their inner natural beauty, to accept who they are.

Who said only thin people can  do it!!! 

IMG_3931   IMG_3968   IMG_3936  IMG_3956      IMG_3955     IMG_3960 IMG_5529 IMG_5627 IMG_5655

IMG_6090   IMG_5855   IMG_6150

IMG_5801 IMG_5818  IMG_5783


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