Chubby Vogue Diva #12


My name is Kamogelo Mpshe and i am 19 years old.

I am from Dobsonville, Soweto in Johannesburg

Big means for me  I loving your body the way it is. I appreciate my body.

This  is the only body  I know so I am  proud and comfortable in it. I truly I believe in myself and nothing and no one can get in my way.

I have always been big, I was never skinny, and I was not afraid to go  out there and express myself. I even  entered in  beauty pageants like Miss Campus and I was the only Chubby girl out of all the girls. The one thing I loved is that they loved and embraced me, never laughed nor teased  me throughout the competition. Yes! of cause i did not win or was the runner up ( I guess I was not skinny enough lol)

But in primary school it was different. I was always teased by the students, and for a while i used to feel sorry for myself sometimes don’t even wanter to go to school.  Then later in the years I didn’t care and I didn’t pay attention to all negative remarks because I was proud of myself and confident.

I agreed because I wanted to feel like a star, I don’t  see the point of us the Chubby ladies of being afraid of being part of beauty pageants such as Miss South Africa and being Cover Girls just like Skinny Girls. Why should skinny girls be the ones leading all Major magazines, events and pageants, Fashion Run Ways and the first ones to be considered for shoots? I want to give a message to all Chubby ladies that we can all do it despite of our weight.

Self Confidence: Its all about believing in yourself, so go out there and give it your all because this is your beautiful and sexy body, no one can own it but you.

IMG_5180 IMG_5184 IMG_5187

IMG_5292  IMG_5299  IMG_5331

IMG_5354    IMG_5419   IMG_5377

IMG_5422 IMG_5437 IMG_5449


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