Chubby Vogue Divas Durban Behind the Scenes

On the 13 of February I went to Durban to Start photographing Chubby Vogue Divas Durban, Returned on the 3rd of March.

IMG_0025Zama Shange who volunteered her precious time to be my Assistant.

She put together a schedule for me to work in Durban, organising transport and the making sure the ladies had each signed a consent form at each shoot and follow up on the Articles that the Divas had to write bout themselves.

Thank you so Much for giving me all your time and your willingness to make Chubby Vogue Divas a successful project.

IMG_0033 Nombulelo Ngqayizivele Khumalo

Thank you for being a True Diva and being part of my project, from driving me around to Hammersdale,Kwamashu and Umlazi I really appreciate the time you took to assist me in my quest. i will not forget the fun times we had, the people you introduced me too and all the madness we had together. Ngiyabonga!

To all my Divas from Durban, Richards Bay, Eskhawini, Kwamashu, Emlazi, Reservoir Hills, Hammersdale, Sea View, and Umbilo. Thank you for allowing to come to your homes and raid your wardrobes, meeting all your families, Ngiyabonga kakhulu.

1618009_1052468254769661_2081026953338218461_o    1801400_1054595817890238_341813834666026380_o

IMG_9712   1511331_1052465881436565_1009387165073064475_n   10849978_1052524108097409_1790225603682350889_n

1979274_1052468421436311_409192555919114521_o  10285553_1052523314764155_2141307043569610481_o

10497042_1052463881436765_8489963577497001273_o  10530916_1052524078097412_3978944659081250177_n  10978660_1052524014764085_6632013374072276218_n

10313876_1053050341378119_8382586105098342386_o  10866278_1054596314556855_7674632900545917400_o

10370957_1052465818103238_5892538680261222652_n   10599700_1052468564769630_6377604046051933626_n  1973703_1052463958103424_9026050919534372847_o10861106_1054595654556921_6636000167316613599_o  10960170_1053050291378124_3084390014685746414_o 10960466_1055689247780895_6710773981955798053_o 10974356_1054595771223576_7263779406652312814_o 10974543_1052464951436658_5353650287933191251_o  10982459_1052523671430786_6771824746320689449_n 10983407_1052468508102969_4912261568761310265_n 10986492_1052523594764127_1193895106672833499_n  11008482_1052523708097449_3280429467323643610_n

10995906_1055689441114209_8767921585634082966_o    10991521_1052463818103438_3656036534151705609_o

IMG_980410996040_1052463544770132_2823164497336888569_o 10996366_1052468538102966_5039211848878886062_n

IMG_9697   IMG_9726 IMG_9769

Durban was Amazing

I am definitely coming Back soon.

For all those that I did not manage to photograph ngiyabuya bathandwa.


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