Chubby Vogue Divas #13

My name is Gugu Zulu

I am a 31yr old female Police officer specialising as a Criminalistic Expert, working in Secunda.

IMG_7831   IMG_7834

An aspiring plus size model and most importantly a mother of a beautiful daughter,sounds hectic right?? I’m a woman and women multi task as they say, its a true fact.

When I’m on Police Officer mode my job is 2 investigate crime scenes , collect evidence and link perpetrators to the scene. I love my job because I get to bring closure to those who’ve lost loved ones or their valuables by linking suspects to the crime scene with fingerprints, DNA or any other trace found at the scene. I am behind the camera taking photographs of scenes that most of the people would not even be able to look at, bt I do it with passion. People say Wow she’s brave, truth is in a male dominated field as a woman you need to step it up to in order to get the same respect.  I have been with the SAPS  for almost 10 years and I’ve earned my stripes.

Then there’s mommy mode, a fun, loving bt still strict me. That is where I’m just relaxed and I’m just me. I sing, dance just act crazy with my lil girl but at the same time I’m able to say do your chores, homework and you grounded. There’s no handbook that you can refer you to parenting just do your best and hope it’s good enough. That’s just me .

When I’m on model mode I get to be in front of the camera, get be  laid back and just have  a blast. I get to show the feminine and confident side of Gugu, and I love it.

Working with Charmain was just amazing, not only is she a great photographer but an inspiration as a mother and to plus size women.

Most plus size women say they lack confidence because of how people treat them. But truth be told is its all about yourself, you cannot allow someone’s opinion about you define you. Once you get that right you’ll be happy and on the right track. When I’m out there jogging I know I’m Sexy as hell, I don’t do it to be skinny but to be healthy.

IMG_7770    IMG_7783   IMG_7764

IMG_7974    IMG_7854    IMG_7837    IMG_7862 IMG_7905 IMG_7907

IMG_7926   IMG_7941   IMG_7960  IMG_7997  IMG_7994  IMG_7999

Photographs taken in Park Town Johannesburg…

Clothing: Models own clothes


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