Chubby Vogue Diva #24

IMG_1665 Being a ‘BBW’ and loving it!!!

Well I’m a bubbly 20 year old student who studies Dramatic Arts at the Tshwane University of Technology

Growing up big has always been a challenge, more to self than what others think or say about you, honestly I’d say it made me who I am today…

Well my body is not familiar to any other form besides being Chubby. I guess not all of us are built to be ‘paper size’, I have always been the most active person that I know, I have  done so many extra curriculum activities throughout my school days. I never understood why I could not lose weight, or rather how I could not be like other children but from a very young age, I could not let my weight issues hinder me in fact I used to them to equip me.

I described myself as bubbly not because I use my smile to hide my tears (which is usually what the world thinks about big people with big personalities) but because that’s exactly who I am. I am the life of the party, I have a very positive attitude towards life and I believe that if one doesn’t really like something, one can change it.

A lot of people connect being Chubby with various diseases like diabetes, hypertension and other weird diseases but fact is, I don’t have any of those, I exercise everyday, I eat as healthy as I can and I consider myself Healthy…This is an image that I have grown to love and to take care of. An image that I had to accept and appreciate. I love my big boned body. It makes me stand out from the crowd, it gives my self-esteem a huge boost and I am always seen( I mean there’s no way you can miss me)!

The photo shoot just made me feel alive too, it is an opportunity where I got to be who I want to be and it got to be captured…There’s nothing in the world that feels as good as being happy with yourself and your body, the photo shoot embraced that!!! I enjoyed taking photos with Charmain, the shoot was professional but very relaxed…I believe that every girl should get a chance to be in that space, it is therapeutic and again you as a plus-sized queen that you are, get to be the main attraction for that duration. I love being big and so should you!!!

This is Nontuthuzelo Vuyiswa Ngxanga and this is my reality…

IMG_1511 IMG_1509 IMG_1513

IMG_1608 IMG_1611 IMG_1613

IMG_1514 IMG_1517 IMG_1515   IMG_1518 IMG_1600 IMG_1522

      IMG_1661 IMG_1668 IMG_1687

IMG_1711 IMG_1716 IMG_1713

images taken at Fluerhoof ext23 Johannesburg

Clothing by Model


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