Chubby Vogue Diva #29


My name is Jennifer Zamanqolo Willard and I am 19 years old.

I am my late mother’s last born and my father’s fourth child.  Growing up was amazing!!! I had a father who adored me and did EVERYTHING for me, two sisters who took care of me and my two over protective brothers(one of which is actually my cousin), who did everything they could to see me smile. We grew up as nomads, always on the move and living with relatives because our dad was a business man and travelling a lot came with the job.. I’ve always been bigger then kids my age and at first it never seemed to bother me. it didn’t bring me down in any kind of way. i saw myself as any other ordinary kid.  I actually started having an image crisis when family members made me feel obese. Sometimes the ones we love are the ones who make us feel bad about ourselves the most. I then started getting picked on and ridiculed about my weight by children at school and strangers would call me names. My family tried helping me loose weight by having me try numerous diets and workouts, but nothing seemed to work, because honestly, I was never committed..

I started liking how I looked like later on in high school… I started seeing myself as pretty, and slowly, I fell in-love with the person staring back at me in the mirror. The road to self-love is not an easy one. I’m still learning to love myself as I am.

I’m loving every single moment of it! I wouldn’t have been able to see myself as this beautiful specimen that I am if it hadn’t been for my siblings, parents and AMAZING friends that I have, who remind me daily that I’m Everything good.

When Charmain (I call her mamma lynne) first approached me about doingChubby Vogue Divas, I was very hesitant, but she never took no for an answer. she was very persistent because she saw something in me I couldn’t even see. After months of struggling with our schedules, we finally did the shoot and I loved every moment of it!!

I felt beautiful and in control!!

I hadn’t had so much fun in a while.

 If i could say anything to any other fat/chubby girl out there is this: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! don’t change because people tell you to. change because you want to. Love yourself before expecting others to, and most importantly, you are a Flower. the world will never see your true beauty until you let yourself blossom!!



One thought on “Chubby Vogue Diva #29

  1. Jen, my darling love, such warmth and joy fill my heart reading this. You are growing and I am honoured to be a part of your journey. For you to love yourself and see God in yourself is the recipe to your fulfillment and self satisfaction. You’re loved and valued and I pray that I never lose breath enough to fail to remind you of this. Thank you for liberating so many others by sharing about your shackles. You’re lovely, cupcake


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