Drugs Must Fall Campaign

On the 18th of March 2016 I had the pleasure of accompanying TikvaHope Foundation to a Drugs must fall campaign held at Sunny Park Shopping Centre. The Foundation was invited by the Organiser a young man who is on 23 years by the name of Vuks Mathale who resides in Pretoria North of Johannesburg South Africa.

When we got to the venue we met up with Vuks and escorted us to the venue. The  SAPS  were visible keeping the speakers refreshed with refreshments. There were DJ’s and Comedians to entertain the crowd who kept flocking in to hear the           Drugs Must Fall messages, Real life stories from women who once walked the path of Drug addictions Tikva Magadzi, Mpho Gift Ndlovu and Kgomosto Ditshwene, to wonderful comedy from  one of  South Africa’s finest comedian Mashabela Galane

This is how I saw the day through my  canon 60D camera  55mm -250mm lense

click on the link for more information on  the Foundation should you need to connect with TikvaHope Foundation Profile1


2 thoughts on “Drugs Must Fall Campaign

  1. My Name is Mrs. Mpho Gift Ndlovu, the Executive Secretary at Tikvahope Foundation. Myself and the CEO of the foundation, Ms. Tikva Magadzi and our fellow speaker and dearest sister Kgomotso Ditshwene alongside the cordination of the Drugs must fall event Mr. Vukosi would like to thank Ms. Charmain Carrol for covering the campaign through the lense. Your creative and proprofessional coverage of the event is highly appreciated. We are looking forward to many more fruitful colaboration you.

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