Chubby Vogue Diva #32

I go by the name LeeCharmain Carrol Photography 2016-71

looking back to where I come and looking forward to where I’m heading to, my face lights up with with pride. My self love and acceptance has made me the woman I am today. I discovered my own destiny and embarked on the journey..I have been given to accomplish.

I must trully thank the #ChubbyVogueDivas for trusting me to be the first Trans woman featured in their series. This has been the most motivating experience in my life.

Being photographed at The Masoning Precinct on the 27th of April Freedom Day in South Africa was an awesome experience, being showered with compliments by everyone who was passing by from contractors to bystanders. I really felt powerful, the power to continue inspiring trans woman and woman across Africa to embrace being different. Positivity impacting lifes has always been my life interest by just being and believing in me.I realized the biggest challenge lies in our own hands to reach our destiny. my destination is to be myself and not be  apologetic. Not worry about people whispering behind my back, pointing fingers and evaluating me. This feeling is the feeling I wish every chubby trans woman can feel and maintain daily.

I am big, bold and beautiful, I reigned supreme !
Since being a confused teen about my sexuality to taking and owning the  label Trans Goddess. To me the real Trans Goddess are the trans woman out there who have gone through things a million times worse than I have in my life. Some have made it out gracefully and some are still soldiering on hate crimes, rape , family rejections , transphobia amongst other things.
I have come a long way in fighting solidarity and creating awareness in LGBTIQA issues in my community. My vision is still to see all LGBTIQA being able to celebrate their uniqueness under one place a Rainbow house where empowerment, mentorship , skills development and proper healthcare is given to all homosexuals.
I do believe wil eventually live in a friendly universe and embrace our uniqueness freely.

*The Gay Pageantry Journey.
It has been part of my life since I started to enter and win my first title as Miss Gay Daveyton in 2003. After 10 years of evaluating and venturing in finding my real calling, I hosted the Miss Gay Daveyton and Miss Valentine’s to revive the crossdressing/draging queens . I rebranded those pageants with the aim to help young drag queens and trans girls to find sense of direction , enthusiasm and tenacity. its been a heartening to witness the evolution of dynamic queens who give this platform their all and get their all in this platform. Enhancing femininity and finding development in mentorship I give them.

*The Transition Truth
I have learned not to ask for approval or seek validation from anyone else. Most family and friends want you to stay the way you are because its comfortable for them and not realise that you not comfortable. I came to this realization when I was struggling with my issues of classified as gay while Im Transgender.  Most people were not ready for my change and I have to make them realise that Im stil Lee Siba Mothibe. I have never changed. My biggest challenge now is changing my documents at the departmentof home affairs without any hassle.

*The VillageMarket 
My greatest highlight in my life after embracing my TransWomanwood is being part of the VillageMarket team (the VillageMarketqueens with Nombulelo Mawela and Nomsa Themba) Im proud of an amazing team we have completely gasped into, we internalized and owned wat we believed in .

 My message to other Divas is to be bold and beautiful beyond your expectations, keep them guessing, questioning and envious of the fabulously woman you are. my confidence gives me courage to face the world daily, I aspire to be a supreme trans woman who excell in all aspects if life and exceeds people’s expectations.

“The greatest joy comes from embracing yourself”


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