Charmain Carrol Photography Calendar Project

 Part of the work I did last year was to work with a group of young Girls from Rammolotsi My Kasi my Story project by Global Girls Media South Africa, gathering images and portfolios of organisations under the Umbrella of Tekatekano 4 Women network. This was an amazing journey with the young community  journalist and with the different Organisations I visited.

Tekatekano Women’s Disability Network is a registered NPO started in 2010, comprising of women with disabilities and mothers of children with disabilities from six  Fezile Dabi towns. These towns all have Functioning organisations for people with disabilities and each local Tekatano grouping gives empetus, visability and voice to the women in the respective context.

The key objective of the network is to provide mutual support across towns, additional assistance to enable the women to find solutions to their disability-related problems and create inspirational precedents for women-led project.

These are some of the images taken:

A Big Big Thank you to Ponahalo De Beers who made it possible to do this project. To all the beautiful women and men I met in my journey, to Global Girl Media SA…. Thank you so much.

This was the outcome of all the beautiful travels, 2017 Calendar

2017 Tekatekano 4 Women Calendar (1)


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