I am a women of many colours

sometimes I’m Black sometimes I’m Brown and sometimes I’m Red.

I am a photographer, a writer, an activists and I’m what ever i feel like being on the day.

Im powerful beyond my own imagination

Im a strong women

A mother

Imbokodo Yoqobo.

I stand on both feet as I stand the tests of time.

my past experience has grounded my present

I stand firm to face my future.

I am Charmain Carrol Im a Global girl women and you will not define ME


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Charmain I am an upcoming plus size model and I would really love to work with you. I am a confident woman who loves being in front of the camera.

  2. Hi Charmain!

    Absolutely love your work and I would like to request a Skype interview for Et Alors? Magazine.
    A little word on the magazine: We call it ‘A flamboyant queer magazine. Positive portraits of extraordinary people ’ and is a platform to promote consciousness and creativity. Both written en designed by myself and my wife Julian, we started off because the mainstream media was close to never interested in the subjects I wanted to write about. Et Alors? is an online publication, for free, and we’re heading towards issue 15 (4 times a year). In the past 3 years we have grown to 450.000 readers per magazine, so needless to say that curve keeps us very motivated to go on.

    Needless to say someone like you is a great inspiration and would add the most positive note to the diversity we highly promote in our magazine.

    Looking very much forward to hear your thoughts,
    Have a great day!

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